Discount coupons can be applied to some products on Amazon. You can cut input costs by finding these products with coupons and putting them in your store. In Supasell, products with coupons in the product list can be easily found and analyzed using the Coupons filter.

The Coupons filter, like other filters, can be found under the “Filters” tab in the “Filters & Settings” section at the top of the report in the Supasell control panel. The Coupons filter can only be applied to the buying market. In order to activate the filter under “Buying Filters,” the option next to the filter must be enabled as in the image.

Filters - Coupons

Coupon types are listed in the section opened below. You can choose one of the Fixed Coupon and Percentage Coupon options, or you can select Show All Coupons options to see both coupon types.

After you set up the filter according to your strategy, you can activate the filter with the “Apply Filter” button. The filter results can be seen in the line containing the “Reviews” information in the “Basic Info” column of the Supasell product row.

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